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Our team here at I.T.A. are committed to positive growth and building a culture of critical thinkers, radical innovators and future leaders and self-motivators.  We hire the most accomplished team of diverse educators ready to tackle the challenges that accompany this new educational reform.

We believe that when freedom focused teachers are provided with the opportunity and environment necessary for success, they will shine.  When outside the limits of the oppressive public school system walls, we can operate at the level. of expertise these teachers deserve so therefore the students are provided with the absolute BEST education.   

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since 2004

The associated website in order to better structure the sharing of resources for specific levels and subjects, which will include national curriculum and a wider range of learning interests. 

These interests include alternative subjects and approaches to learning that can create social change and empower each of us as living men and women.

A part of the aim is to arrange discussions and store resources in a way that allows home educators to share and access the most relevant information and ideas quickly.

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Getting Kids OFF SCREENS

Getting Kids OFF SCREENS

As a parent, literacy educator, former teacher, and advocate for mental health treatment using natural remedies, I have experienced burnout from trying to do too much.

When our hearts are pure, and our agenda is aligned with our creator, healthy boundaries must be in place to continue following our purpose. Proper self-care must take place to grow, prosper and thrive. We need positive interventions with families/friends to heal properly.

I am NOT a supporter of the ill-equipped, burned-out, government-employed social workers; although there are some very good ones, it’s the broken system. It’s not their fault, but the system itself needs profound change.

There is a toxic method being used among social workers here in CT, and it needs to stop. People should be standing up for their constitutional rights and their well-being. ADHD, anxiety, and a whole thread line of other issues.

Personally, in my own childhood experience, I struggled with obsessions and unhealthy habits, which took years of therapy, diet, exercise, and diligent effort to overcome.

Do I have one single solution? Yes & No (God is a huge part of the healing process, but methods are also important, but each person is unique and so what works for one

Do formulas work? Sometimes.

What do I mean by formulas?

Formulas are a form of intervention that allows rest for the person experiencing significantly high levels of anxiety or depression, PTSD (trauma), or substance abuse, to name a few. For instance, medical intervention, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral talk therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), psycho-analytic, etc…

I am proposing to synthesize the root of the problem, then begin using a combination of some of these strategies, and add in the essential factor, the missing link to completing the puzzle!

What if the problem is simply an internal struggle of not knowing who they are in God’s eyes?

What if all they need is to know their Higher Power, God, Christ…

I may sound “religious” to some, but it is not. It is about TRUSTING the PROCESS of RECOVERY.

What if we STOPPED labeling people “addicts”, “space-cadets”, “ADHD”, “Maniacs” etc…

What could we learn from one another?

What are our own strengths and weaknesses?

How can we help one another?

What would Jesus do?


Introduction During the “pandemic” of 2021, a number of “things” occurred that history has not recorded before.  People were locked down around the global.  Much pressure was and is being applied to societies and cultures all over the world.   It is as if the very...

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