Unmask Our Kids.... NOW!


Not Cute, Not Saving Lives…                         Bordering Child Abuse…                                      The Good News is that it’s not too Late if we ACT NOW!


ZOOM with us...LIVE








Your FREEDOM to EDUCATE Your Child..

Transformation happens when you LET Go & LET God!!

The Healthy American- Peggy Hall

Be BraveStand Firm…. Take Action…. Heal the World… One Child at a Time… 

How can we RECREATE Education System that is currently BROKEN?….

 Are you concerned about the current Global Pand-e-MANIA going on around the world?

What are your gifts and how can you use these gifts to SERVE and help BUILD with us in a new, more naturalistic approach to Education?  

I believe EVERYONE has a calling…                    

It’s just a matter of finding WHAT your PURPOSE is, and how to BEGIN….




Group provides for support for parents in need of support due to the current Pandemic .

We provide ZOOM sessions catered to the specific needs of each family.

Discovering PURPOSE, PEACE & JOY in community is our #1 mission!