During the “pandemic” of 2021, a number of “things” occurred that history has not recorded before.  People were locked down around the global.  Much pressure was and is being applied to societies and cultures all over the world.  

It is as if the very governments entrusted with our safety, well-being and education had turned on us.

It was through these cloudy lenses that the requirement for a new world for our children, globally, became evident.

For the first time it was made blatantly obvious to the citizens of the world, that the place we were living in became more and more toxic to the population’s sharing our planet.  Hidden agendas now out in the open allowed 

We saw the corruption; the injustice and the over reach by those we were entrusting to do the right thing by us and our children.  The crimes previously hidden arrived into plain sight.  The wickedness of the global agenda previously blurred, with a slight adjustment that they provided us, we saw literally the real world we were previously not aware of.

As part of this new picture revealed, it became very obvious not only to the parents of the next generation coming.  But also to many many others who now question what it is being taught to the children of the world.

Are we merrily teaching them how to become” normal”, as toxic as that outcome is.

The shallowness of the definition of what normal is visible, the deceit “normal” contains has become blatantly obvious.

Many are now acknowledging and looking for new answers.